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The Muse is a new kind of art site, part artist collective, part online marketplace, part social networking hub, and next generation web application. was started in 2007 by artist and businessman Curt Anderson (Decimus). The site was started initially to showcase his own art, but in late 2009 the site evolved by inviting other artists to join. is a hype machine. We seek to bring new and exciting artists to the forefront.

On May 14 2010, Urban-Muse presented it's first large scale group art Exhibit at Lower Haters Gallery San Francisco, "The Beginning of the End."

"The Beginning of the End" as the name implies is the first of many ever ambitious art shows planned around the world.

In addition to smaller scale shows in the San Francisco Bay area, Urban-Muse seeks to create other large scale exhibits in New York, London, Paris, and Los Angeles.

As the site grows look forward to seeing take advantage of every technological advancement available to developers and artists. is an open source art website, and encourages you to post your own work. was created to vocalize the tremendous and powerful effect of finding a muse, and being compelled very deeply to create things people might not have thought they were capable of.

To all of our visitors, art lovers, gallerists, curators, and artists thankyou for taking the time to visit with us.

This is only the beginning...

Curt Anderson
Founder -