no wonder moms around the world are so nutty and great at the same time. Next time I hear someone tell me "I'm tired" I'm gonna get bitchy. Like I said I'm trying to stay productive. Ive had a headache for about 3 weeks, due to my cell phone; or at least that is my educated guess ; ie; theory. This happened to me when I was pregnant, I had a headache for 2 weeks straight, coffee withdrawels and cell phone usage. The light strains my eyes. ANYWAY, not to make this a wahwah fest. I used to draw alot in highschool, I stopped once I started painting. bad idea.... 

The key to being a "good painter" is to keep doing it and to keep drawing. But who cares right? I do.

I can see all that I lack, I feel behind. 

I don't like drawing what I'm going to paint, I don't like "preliminaries". The reason why, because they NEVER come out looking like the drawing. I took the road less disappointing and decided to just draw on the piece of wood and go from there. 

and there's my secret of the day.


There are too many of us... we all lost our hopes