Dave MacDowell and I are very good friends. Tonight I was working when I got a call from my buddy Dave. Every so often Dave will call me up late at night and we'll have deep introspective state of the union style conversations, about whats going on in the Art world. Tonight we talked briefly about the year "2012" and it's significance to society, culture, and what our own personal lives have in store for 2012. We both are very optimistic about our plans for 2012, and you can even look forward to some secret projects from Dave and I.


This is a special Urban-Muse feature, as I will break into first person instead of the usual third person narrative voice. It will also deal with some personal issues that are intertwined with Urban-Muse, and will sound like a journal a little bit. (Towards the end)


So back to mine and Dave's phone call... What do we talk about it?

For a long time we have been talking about Daves iconic juxtaposition of pop culture and high painting technique, and to start of 2012 with a bang Dave did not dissapoint.

For the first paintings of 2012 he chose "Go Go Yubari" and "Sid Vicious" as his subjects. But he decided to reimagine them in the style of the great late master impressionist Vincent Van Gogh.


What Follows is a chronicle of the process of creating these now iconic pieces.


In order to truly understand Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings, Dave spent many weeks researching, sketching, printing out references and reading about Vincent Van Gogh. What came out is what we truly believe is an inspired feat, arguably his best work yet. And if this is any indication of Dave's future output then Dave is in for a very good year indeed.

This ties into a grand editorial scheme I have for this piece relating to the State of Urban-Muse.com, The Year 2012, MacDowell Studios, Upcoming shows, and other important stuff. It's for all intents and purposes the "The Urban-Muse State of the Union - 2012."


"Van Gogh Gogh Yubari"

"Go Go VanGogh" by Dave MacDowell - 16x20 Acryiic on Canvas



Availible at:

Affordable Art Fair - Thinkspace Booth - Los Angeles CA Jan 18-22 - 2012






Vincent Van Gogh


While Dave was working on these pieces we asked him what his mental state was, if he felt himself gradually becoming unhinged like dear old Vincent. Dave said he love's Van Gogh, but overall he really did not like his style, he just "dabs dabs dabs in a impressionistic mess," he also mentioned that generally Van Gogh's imagery tended to be a little boring. So overall he likes the artist, but not so much the technique.


We expect to see Dave continue to explore his celebrity dynamic, but this Sid Vicious and Go Go Yubari are a early favorite for best paintings of 2012. But of course we're biased....


"Sid Vicious Van Gogh"




"About Face: A Portrait Show" - WWA Gallery - Los Angeles CA, Friday, January 13 8-11 PM Through Feb 11 - 2012

WWA Gallery










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