Xiau-Fong's work is beautiful. We've been friends with XFW the past few months, and have been watching her work continue to evolve, and change, and mature. And now culminate with a blockbuster Solo show in Singapore, at GJ Asian Art Gallery, located in the Four Seasons Hotel. At only 22 Xiau Fong is already a rockstar. She has achieved, at a young age, the kind of career and body of work that many could only dream of. What is her secret? How does she do it? Is she an alien sent from outer space to annihilate us all? Perhaps.

In any case, this feature is sure to delight you. It deals with a studio visit we did with Miss Wee in January, while she was doing the finishing touches on her show, the new works themselves, and the opening night in Singapore.

San Francisco


Xiau Fong leads us up the stairs of her apartment, in downtown San Francisco. It's  a few flights up, and the elevator is broken. We ask her if lugging her painting supplies up and down these stairs is a pain, she laughs and says it is.


Xiau Fong invites us into her beautiful Studio Apartment, the apartment is very sparse, but has lots of natural light flooding the living/working space. She shows us her balcony, and her science experiment, a decomposing little bird and rat. She pokes at it with her bare hands. Her hands are thin, and elegant, but slightly frail. On the tips of her fingernails and on her fingers you can notice little bits of acrylic paint, as she was painting before we arrived.


We talk and exchange pleasantries, Xiau-Fong is lovely, and very sweet. Even seeing it with your own eyes it's sometimes difficult to imagine these prolific artworks really are being created by such a young little thing. But don't let her looks deceive you.

She is the destroyer.


Xiau Fong has always talked about how she finds beauty in Chaos, elegance in destruction, and how she will often battle with her canvas, and almost beat it into submission. She destroys all that she wishes, and in the process is able to complete transform it into something all her own.



Her apartment is minimalist, and aside from a few friends artwork on a shelf, there is not any art of any kind on the walls. And there isn't even nail or pin holes in the wall. There never was any art in here at all. We asked her about this, and what one painting would she pick if she had all the money in the world. One painting for the spot above her couch. She seemed notably distressed, she couldn't really give an answer other than saying she would like to have a mechanical device that would constantly be able to rotate the work.

When you look at Xiau-Fong's life, it is very clear that she has entirely given herself over to Art. It has consumed her. Her life revolves around the creation of art. Art as far as we can tell is the most important thing in the world to her.


This scenario is key, and is actually very important and telling to what makes XFW's art different than everyone else's. You see, many artists, even artists at the height of their career, often have other artists they idolize, either alive or dead. And even at the most minute level you will likely see a little bit of their influence seeping through. Xiau-Fong is not like that. The world she has constructed is hers, and hers alone, and she is the Queen of that realm. Her work doesn't look like everyone else's, because it simply isn't like everyone else's.

She brings out around 10 New Paintings to her living room, and gives us a sneak peek at her "Rebirth" show bound for Singapore. We talk about the works presented, there is a lot of focus around life, particularly babies, and eggs, and small ducks, hyper fertile women,  things of this nature. These all beautifully tie in with this rebirth theme. And it's immediately apparent this Rebirth she is talking about is deeply personal. Something is going on with XFW, and this is not just a Rebirth. It is a big bang. It's a explosion that's about to rock the entire world to it's core.



"Rebirth" at GJ Asian Art Gallery, Singapore. Located in the Regent Four Seasons Hotel.  (http://gjasianart.com/)




Xiau-Fong went to Singapore with her mother, how proud she must be of her. These photos are via Mrs. Heather Wee. We are so glad that she was there to document this pivotal artistic event.

Xiau Fong, and Heather Wee with Mike the owner of the Gallery.

2nd - The Ambassador to Malaysia


Xiau-Fong with the Curator of the Gallery

Xiau Fong had lots of familiar members come to show Support, and this show was the kind of Elegant show most artists dream of. Elegant ladies in long dresses, marble, glass, stunning lighting, framing, and plenty of Champagne and other treats flowing. The Ambassador to Malaysia even was in attendance.


This is a world class exhibit. You can contact the Gallery directly, but as you can see from the photos most of the paintings already have red dots next to them.

Undoubtedly Xiau-Fong is already on the trajectory to superstardom. We believe she is one of the single most important artists of our generation.


Seeing Xiau-Fong Rise in such a dramatic and explosive way, really fills our heart with joy. We are so honored to be able to call her a friend, and look forward to seeing the world crumble under her brushstrokes.



Artist Feature, and writeup by Curt Anderson of Urban-Muse.com - [email protected]

Special Thanks to:

Ms. Xiau Fong Wee: http://www.xiaufong.com

GJ Asian Art Gallery: http://gjasianart.com/

Photography of "Rebirth" Thanks to Mrs. Heather Wee.


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