Urban-Muse is proud to Welcome Dave MacDowell to our family of Artists! Dave, is one of our favorites, and we're sure he's one of yours as well. Dave is currently working hard on the massive Sanrio Show, and the upcoming London Miles show. He's coming fresh off the Thinkspace 5th Anniversary show, and the Bad Dad's Wes Anderson Show. When his busy schedule permits look forward to Dave working with us on our upcoming shows, and making some posts here on the Urban-Muse Blog.

Dave is one of the most recognizable names in the art game but some people still don't even know his proper name. It's Dave MacDowell not Dave "McDowell." Dave is one of the baddest mother effers out there and we are so glad to have him part of our crew. The guy is crazy busy and is always busting out something new and exciting. We are so excited to be working with him and having him part of the family. Dave fits right in and is always a laugh riot.

Gregory Peck is Hardcore



To see our collection of some of his favorites view his Urban-Muse.com Gallery Here: http://urban-muse.com/gallery/artists/details/name/Dave_MacDowell

and his personal site http://www.macdowellstudios.com