We are proud to announce the newest member to our family of artists. Mr. Gabe Larson. Gabe will be working with us on 2 of our upcoming shows and posting on Urban-Muse. We are ecstatic!

Gabe Larson Urban-Muse.com Promo

We have been admirers of Gabe Larson's for over a year now. We first became aware of his work during our Involvment with the Second Death Cheater benefit for Benny Diar.  Benny "King" Diar is a quadrapalegic street artist/rail car legend. Benny was kind enough to ask Decimus (this sites founder) to participate in the Second death cheater show, and we were more than happy to donate two of our best large works.

For both shows Gabe painted rather awesome and very compassionate portraits of Benny. The show was primarily comprised of some of the hardest hitting street artists from all over the world, and Gabes highly detailed/modeled portraits really stole the show. We still didn't know much about Gabe, but we were fans of his. Urban-Muse has existed since 2007, but in less than a year it has really exploded. We've had alot of Artists and alot of fans stop by our facebook page every few days drop by and show us what they're working on, and we always try to have something nice to say. One morning we saw Gabes "Sean" painting pop up in our Fan Photos. It's the greatest pleasure when artists we admire stop by to say hello so we were instantly hooked. We've had our eye on him for the past few months following our innaugural show "The Beginning of the End." We are currently working hard on putting together three very big shows, with some very great galleries, and Gabe was one of the first people we contacted and asked to join our team. We are also pleased to announce we will featuring Gabe (and our 2 other new artists) in our monthly Ad Spot in Juxtapoz magazine, for the December issue.

We are so excited to be working with Gabe!

Be sure to check out an extended high res gallery of his work here on Urban-Muse:

Urban-Muse screenshot


and on his personal website http://www.gabelarson.com