URBAN-MUSE Best of 2017 Year End Special

  2017 has been another amazing year for Urban-Muse. On January 26th 2018 Urban-Muse will officially be 10 years old. That marks the 10th year from the date that I bought the Urban-Muse domains. So much has happened over the course of the past 10 years, and Urban-Muse has helped…

Urban-Muse Magazine – Issue #2 – Summer 2017 – Launches TODAY on Patreon!

Today is the day! Issue #2 of Urban-Muse Magazine has officially launched on Patreon and links will be arriving in Patron’s inboxes at 3:00 PM PST. This issue was a real joy to work on and went a lot smoother than the last one. A good framework is in place…

Urban Muse Presents – The Best art of 2012 – Top Social Media Posts of the year! Part 2 of 2
Here it is part 2 of our year end feature honoring and highlighting our favorites of the year, along with YOUR most shared and liked images from our social networks. Again it has to be noted that not all of these were created in 2012, some much earlier, however... Read more
U-M Presents – The Best Art of 2012 – Top Social Media Posts of the year! Pt 1 of 2
At the end of 2012,  a crazy year to be sure, we’re doing something extra special for Urban-Muse. We have taken 150 of the VERY best, and MOST VIRAL pieces we’ve posted on our social Networks, and put them agains the pieces that had the most shares and likes... Read more