URBAN-MUSE Best of 2017 Year End Special URBAN-MUSE Best of 2017 Year End Special
  2017 has been another amazing year for Urban-Muse. On January 26th 2018 Urban-Muse will officially be 10 years old. That marks the 10th... URBAN-MUSE Best of 2017 Year End Special


2017 has been another amazing year for Urban-Muse. On January 26th 2018 Urban-Muse will officially be 10 years old. That marks the 10th year from the date that I bought the Urban-Muse domains. So much has happened over the course of the past 10 years, and Urban-Muse has helped tens of thousands of artists expand their following and find new fans. Overall I feel Urban-Muse has really been a positive impact on the art world.

2017 was a big year for Urban-Muse because we launched our Online Digital Magazine through Patreon.




We have launched 3 issues so far with a fourth coming soon. After the fourth issue is out we are going to focus on getting these issues printed and out to readers, there will likely be a pre-order system and a kickstarter, and there will be something special for people who have supported on Patreon, likely a discount but maybe something more.

Every year we do this “Year End Special” where we highlight all the best pieces of art posted on our social media Channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.


We would however be remiss without giving a special shoutout to all the artists who we have featured in Urban-Muse Magazine this year. Each of these artists has been producing AMAZING work this year and is worthy of your attention and follows. Without their participation the magazine project would not have been such a success. So a special thanks goes out to these amazing Men and Women!

(Click on each of their names to read their Web Features/interviews as well as all their links. Support us on Patreon to read the actual Magazine articles)


Aleksei Vinogradov

Alen Rocha

Andra Watson

Charlotte Lebreton

Diana Novich

Geneva Benton

Hallie Elizabeth


Irakli Nadar

Jacob Max

Julia Razumova

Julia Thyren


Lente Scura


Mel Milton

Nehaal Gonsalves

Noveland Sayson

Qing Han

Ramon Nunez


Rene Gorecki

Ruby Kim

Ryan Tien

Tom Bagshaw

Vincent Vernacatola


Yasar Vurdem

Yellow Lemon Cat

Yinxuan Dezarmenien


2017 has also been a huge year for fanart for NieR: Automata with nearly every artist we’ve featured here doing atleast one piece at some time in the year. The effect NieR 2b, A2, and 9S have had on the art community is really unprecedented and it’s highlighted here first.

2017 also sees many returning artists from previous years like Ilya Kuvshinov and Guweiz, as well as many new faces who have been doing exceptional work.

The goal of these end of year features is to look back on what we’ve all accomplished this past year, to give each of these artists some special recognition, and to provide inspiration to other artists who may want to create art on this level in the future. Who knows maybe you’ll be on this list next year! I hope so.

Another very special thanks needs to go out to the Patrons on Patreon who have helped pay for this site to keep existing this year. Your monthly contributions help greatly and provide encouragement and validation to keep on keepin’ on.

Thank you all so much for your support this year and on into the future.


– Curt Anderson
Founder and President




BEST OF 2017

Artgerm – LINK (CLICK):

Ber Yaourt (Son Trinh) – LINK (CLICK):


Johnson Ting – LINK (CLICK):


Mynare – LINK (CLICK):

Polkin (Ilya Knyazev) – LINK (CLICK):

Qichao Wang – LINK (CLICK):

Original Cosplay by Shirogane-Sama  – LINK (CLICK):


Zumi – LINK (CLICK):


Li Didivi – LINK (CLICK):


Dao Le Trong  – LINK (CLICK):

Mirco Sciamano  – LINK (CLICK):

Zumi – LINK (CLICK):


Aenami  – LINK (CLICK):


Aleksei Vinogradov – LINK (CLICK):


Ameur Makhloufi – LINK (CLICK):


Asia Ladowska – LINK (CLICK):

Aykut Aydoğdu – LINK (CLICK):

Aykut Aydoğdu – LINK (CLICK):

BdsPlace (BDDark134) – LINK (CLICK):

Cre.O.N. – LINK (CLICK):


Mingchen Shen – LINK (CLICK):


Chester Bennington (R.I.P.) by Ilya Kuvshinov – LINK (CLICK):


Chester Bennington (R.I.P) by Aleksei Vinogradov  – LINK (CLICK):

Chester Bennington (R.I.P.) by Razaras  – LINK (CLICK):


Mei (Overwatch) by C-home – LINK (CLICK):

Chun-Li (Street Fighter) by Cre.O.N. – LINK (CLICK):

Chun-Li (Street Fighter) by Maika Sozo  – LINK (CLICK):


Chun-Li (Street Fighter) by Sunkist – LINK (CLICK):

Jon Snow – King in the North – (Game of Thrones) Lius Lasahido  – LINK (CLICK):

Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) by Yaşar VURDEM – LINK (CLICK):

Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) by Alex Negrea – LINK (CLICK):

Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) by Yaşar VURDEM – LINK (CLICK):

Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) by Jose Barrero – LINK (CLICK):


Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) – Asia Ladowska – LINK (CLICK):

Daniel Bolling Walsh – LINK (CLICK):

David Ardinaryas Lojaya – LINK (CLICK):

Enoch_88 이진아 – LINK (CLICK):

Evgeni Koroliov  – LINK (CLICK):


Evgeni Koroliov – LINK (CLICK):


Fernanda Suarez – LINK (CLICK):

Geo Siador – LINK (CLICK):

Guweiz – LINK (CLICK):

Guweiz – LINK (CLICK)

Guweiz – LINK (CLICK):


Guweiz – LINK (CLICK):

Guweiz – LINK (CLICK):

Han AhReum – “One Summer”  – LINK (CLICK):

Ilya Kuvshinov  – LINK (CLICK):

Ilya Kuvshinov  – LINK (CLICK):

Irakli Nadar  – LINK (CLICK):


Jiu Jiu  鸠鸠 – LINK (CLICK):

Johannes Helgeson – LINK (CLICK):

Joon Hyung Ahn – LINK (CLICK):

Joseph Lin – LINK (CLICK):

Kohzuki Kei  倖月蛍‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Kyrie‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Kyrie‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Loish‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Loish‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Luo Li Rong ‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Luo Li Rong‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Luo Li Rong ‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Marta Nael “Black Widow” ‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Mognemu‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Mognemu‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Mujiha‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Mujiha‏  – LINK (CLICK):

Mujiha‏  – LINK (CLICK):

‏ Nakbin97 제롬러 – LINK (CLICK):

Noveland Sayson – LINK (CLICK):

Orka – LINK (CLICK):

Pomodorosa – LINK (CLICK):

Pyeong Jun Park – LINK (CLICK):

Qing Han – LINK (CLICK):

Qing Han – LINK (CLICK):

Raita Kazama 風間雷太 – LINK (CLICK):

Ren Wei Pan – LINK (CLICK):

Ronfaure – Sarayu Ruangvesh –  (Aloy – Horizon Zero Dawn)  – LINK (CLICK):


Rory Kurtz (Ryan Gosling / Drive)  – LINK (CLICK):

Sakimi Chan (D.VA Overwatch) – LINK (CLICK):

Sangsoo Jeong (Android 18) – LINK (CLICK):

Sloth Being – LINK (CLICK):

Maika Sozo – LINK (CLICK):

Joseph Lin – LINK (CLICK):

Wojtek Fus – LINK (CLICK):

Steve Jung – LINK (CLICK):

Svetlana Tigai (Tsvetka) – LINK (CLICK):

Tamaki – LINK (CLICK):

Tim Liu – LINK (CLICK):

Tim Liu – LINK (CLICK):

Tim Liu – LINK (CLICK):



Yizheng Ke – LINK (CLICK):

Sansoo Jeong – Widow maker (Overwatch) – LINK (CLICK):

Wisnu Tan – Game of Thrones “Suicide Mission”  – LINK (CLICK):
NOTE: This is currently the most liked, shared, and commented image in the history of Urban-Muse with over 70,000 net likes (Including likes on shares. This is our selection for the Best Piece of 2017).


Sozo Maika – Wonder Woman – LINK (CLICK):

Mandy Jurgens – Wonder Woman – LINK (CLICK):

Sakimi Chan – Wonder Woman – LINK (CLICK):

Dandonfuga – X-23 – LINK (CLICK):

DutoMaster – Choi Hyochan – X23 – LINK (CLICK):

Yizheng Ke – LINK (CLICK):

Yohan1754 – LINK (CLICK):

Joseph Lin 林君哲 – 아이유 – LINK (CLICK):


If you like Urban-Muse and want to see more great features like this and get access to our online magazine issues you can support us on patreon here: http://www.patreon.com/urbanmuse

Curt Anderson Editor In Chief

Curt Anderson founded Urban-Muse in 2007, and runs the show.

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