URBAN-MUSE Best of 2018 Year End Special URBAN-MUSE Best of 2018 Year End Special
  Another year has come and gone. This year was the 10th anniversary of Urban-Muse! Yeah! We’ve been at this a long time! 2018... URBAN-MUSE Best of 2018 Year End Special


Another year has come and gone. This year was the 10th anniversary of Urban-Muse! Yeah! We’ve been at this a long time! 2018 was phenomenal for Urban-Muse, and I really feel like Urban-Muse has never been better.

Unfortunately though the Facebook algorithms have been hitting the Urban-Muse page hard. Of our 320,000+ fans it’s not unusual for facebook to only show posts to around 500 people…this has made it very hard to achieve the growth we want and need to push Urban-Muse and Urban-Muse Magazine forward.

Also Tumblr’s move to ban NSFW content has also essentially killed the tumblr platform and as a result Urban-Muse will no longer place a priority on our Tumblr Blog. It’s still there but a massive amount of content has been flagged, because Urban-Muse has never shied away from nudity in the arts, so it’s not the same anymore. I successfully backed up everything before the 17th and I may rehost it in it’s old form here on Urban-Muse.com in the future.

This summer we had the incredible honor of working with Artgerm on Issue #4 of Urban-Muse magazine, and this was the first issue where I was actually able to commission a AAA top tier talent like Stanley Lau to create a new piece of art for the cover, and not just use a pre-existing piece like we had been doing. Going forward this really is the only way to do it, but it of course is more expensive and time sensitive so considerations will have to be made.

The Urban-Muse Magazine Project is still going strong but I want to expand the magazine into other platforms to encourage it’s growth before the print campaign/kickstarter is started in earnest.  I have done a series of print estimates with various printers in the Los Angeles area, and it really seems that in order to do this project the way I really want to, and the way it deserves to be done is going to cost around $100,000.  (per issue) I am not interested in doing a low quality zine. This is going to be comparable to magazines like Vogue, I don’t want to cut any corners, The Artists at Urban-Muse deserve to have their artwork showcased in the very best form and the Urban-Muse readers / supporters of this project deserve the very best as well. So I really don’t want to rush this. I wish that I could put out 12 issues a year, but realistically 1 issue a year is more likely, but I will try and make issue #5 a even bigger issue.

Justine Florentino. This years cover artist. This guy really impressed me this year. One of the major things is, I wasn’t even aware of him this time last year. Over the last year, he has really blown up. And if you go through his work the past 2 years the speed of his progression has been remarkable. This is a guy that throughout 2018 was persistently tagging his latest posts to the Urban-Muse Instagram (wise move) and nearly every day I would see an amazing new piece from him. The piece I chose is because I remember when I saw that, it was different from his previous works, somehow more intense, more hardcore. And I literally said out loud “holy shit.” It’s those kinds of reactions that I live for running Urban-Muse. Picking these “best of” artists is a difficult choice. But it’s my goal to really highlight artists who are doing excellent work, and who really impressed me. And he did that in 2018 more than anyone else.  This amazing Filipino artist is one of the absolute best artists working today and will only get better.

Be sure to support them: Artstation Link.  



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As always I am eternally grateful to all the artists and readers who have made Urban-Muse.com the best place on the net to discover amazing art.


Curt Anderson

Founder and President





BEST OF 2018

Alena Aenami –  LINK [CLICK]


Aku 悪 –  LINK [CLICK]


Alexander Lozano –  LINK [CLICK]


Alon Chou-  LINK [CLICK]

Alon Chou –  LINK [CLICK]

Angela He –  LINK [CLICK]

Arsenic Candy –  LINK [CLICK]

Artgerm –  LINK [CLICK]

Artgerm –  LINK [CLICK]

Artgerm  –  LINK [CLICK]

Artgerm  –  LINK [CLICK]

Asevc –  LINK [CLICK]

Asia Ladowska –  LINK [CLICK]


Aleksei Vinogradov Avvart –  LINK [CLICK]

Beeple –  LINK [CLICK]

Julia Razumova (Bluesssatan) –  LINK [CLICK]

Christopher Shy –  LINK [CLICK]

Hu Dako –  LINK [CLICK]

Daniel Liang –  LINK [CLICK]

Donggun Yoon –  LINK [CLICK]

Dongho Kang –  LINK [CLICK]

Evgeni Koroliov –  LINK [CLICK]

Fernanda Suarez –  LINK [CLICK]

Fernanda Suarez –  LINK [CLICK]

Fernanda Suarez –  LINK [CLICK]

Filip Hodas –  LINK [CLICK]

Freng –  LINK [CLICK]



Giselle Almeida –  LINK [CLICK]

Georgi Georgiev Goshun –  LINK [CLICK]


Guweiz –  LINK [CLICK]

Guweiz-  LINK [CLICK]

Guweiz-  LINK [CLICK]

[email protected]  LINK [CLICK]

Han AhReum-  LINK [CLICK]

Ilya Kuvshinov-  LINK [CLICK]

Ilya Kuvshinov –  LINK [CLICK]

Imguss Sith-  LINK [CLICK]

Irakli Nadar –  LINK [CLICK]

Jung Hun Joo –  LINK [CLICK]

J.Won Han-  LINK [CLICK]


Jane Nane –  LINK [CLICK]

Jane Nane –  LINK [CLICK]

Jasmin Darnell –  LINK [CLICK]

Jasmin Darnell –  LINK [CLICK]


Jiuge (Fan Yang) –  LINK [CLICK]

Jiyû Kazé –  LINK [CLICK]


Jiyû Kazé – LINK [CLICK]


Jungon Kim –  LINK [CLICK]

Justine Florentino –  LINK [CLICK]

Justine Florentino –  LINK [CLICK]

Justine Florentino –  LINK [CLICK]

Justine Florentino –  LINK [CLICK]

Kei Meguro –  LINK [CLICK]

Ketka –  LINK [CLICK]

Kyu Yong Eom –  LINK [CLICK]

Liang Xing  –  LINK [CLICK]

Liang Xing  –  LINK [CLICK]

Liang Xing  –  LINK [CLICK]

Liang Xing  –  LINK [CLICK]

Lius Lasahido –  LINK [CLICK]

Logan Cure –  LINK [CLICK]

Loish –  LINK [CLICK]

Moon Mistix –  LINK [CLICK]

Magion02 –  LINK [CLICK]

Magion02 –  LINK [CLICK]

Maku Kaisei –  LINK [CLICK]

Manda Schank –  LINK [CLICK]

Mandy Jurgens –  LINK [CLICK]

Mandy Jurgens –  LINK [CLICK]

Mars Foong –  LINK [CLICK]


Naztazzia Gagalac –  LINK [CLICK]

Nehaal Gonsalves –  LINK [CLICK]

Nikolai Lockertsen –  LINK [CLICK]

Kangdh1202-  LINK [CLICK]

Noveland Sayson –  LINK [CLICK]


Orange Sekaii –  LINK [CLICK]

Orry Lee –  LINK [CLICK]

Ozabu –  LINK [CLICK]

Park Pyeongjun –  LINK [CLICK]

Park Pyeongjun –  LINK [CLICK]

Pascal Campion –  LINK [CLICK]

Poson –  LINK [CLICK]

Qinni –  LINK [CLICK]

Rachel Xin –  LINK [CLICK]

Raiko-  LINK [CLICK]

Ranis (Woo Jin Lee) –  LINK [CLICK]

Razaras –  LINK [CLICK]

Regiana (Jubi) –  LINK [CLICK]

Rena Illusion –  LINK [CLICK]

Ritwell –  LINK [CLICK]

Ross Tran –  LINK [CLICK]

Rui Li –  LINK [CLICK]

Stéphane Levallois –  LINK [CLICK]

Sakimi Chan  –  LINK [CLICK]

Sakimi Chan –  LINK [CLICK]

Samuel Youn –  LINK [CLICK]

Samuel Youn –  LINK [CLICK]

Sciamano240 –  LINK [CLICK]

Serafleur (Abigail Diaz) –  LINK [CLICK]

Siwoo Kim –  LINK [CLICK]

Soey Milk –  LINK [CLICK]

SozoMaika (Maika Sozo) –  LINK [CLICK]

Steve Jung –  LINK [CLICK]

Tiny Truc –  LINK [CLICK]

Taejune Kim –  LINK [CLICK]

Taozipie (Olivia Derivas) –  LINK [CLICK]

Tati Moons –  LINK [CLICK]

Tom Bagshaw –  LINK [CLICK]

Tsuaii –  LINK [CLICK]

Viorie –  LINK [CLICK]

Wangjie Li –  LINK [CLICK]

Wataboku –  LINK [CLICK]

Wlop –  LINK [CLICK]

Yaşar Vurdem –  LINK [CLICK]

Yellow Lemon Cat  –  LINK [CLICK]


Yellow Lemon Cat  –  LINK [CLICK]

Yizheng Ke –  LINK [CLICK]

Yue Yue  –  LINK [CLICK]

Zeronis –  LINK [CLICK]

Zumi –  LINK [CLICK]

Zumi –  LINK [CLICK]

奇怪的喵星人 –  LINK [CLICK]


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Seeyou in 2019!


Curt Anderson Editor In Chief

Curt Anderson founded Urban-Muse in 2007, and runs the show.

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