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Chiara Bautista - Milk - Feature

We are proud to present a very special Urban-Muse feature on master artist and illustrator Chiara Bautista (Aka Milk) titled "Purity, Love, and the Impossible Dream." Complete with an exclusive interview for Urban-Muse.

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Welcome to the New 3.0!

Sunday, May 30, 2010 12:16:26 AM PDT

Welcome to the new version 3.0 of! These are really exciting times because now this site is fully web 2.0 compliant, which means the site now has full database integration, and dynamically generated pages. But most importantly, now the crew of Urban-Muse artists each have their own accounts, so they can update and make blog posts etc! Very exciting times!

But what else is in store? How about interviews with, Cuca Refugia (Urban-Muse),  Chiara Bautista (Milk), and Stephen Bliss (Rockstar Games)... Click for a sneak peek!


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