URBAN-MUSE Best of 2013 Part 2 of 2 URBAN-MUSE Best of 2013 Part 2 of 2
Here is the finale of our 2 part end of the year special selecting the best art we’ve seen this year in 2013 on... URBAN-MUSE Best of 2013 Part 2 of 2

Best of 2013 Wojtek Fus

Here is the finale of our 2 part end of the year special selecting the best art we’ve seen this year in 2013 on Urban-Muse.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported Urban-Muse over the years, by sharing work, buying T-shirts or pieces from our shop, creating awesome artwork, or otherwise helping the site and social media presence be what it is today. Urban-Muse fans are the best! Thankyou!

Here are the second batch of Best pieces of 2013, nearly every one of these achieved 1,000 likes and in some cases many more.

At the end we will talk about our final pick for best of 2013.

Jennifer Healy was huge this year on Urban-Muse, this was one of her biggest pieces on the page.

Denis Chernov

Jiansong Chen

Jeremy Mann is one of the biggest artists on the planet right now, and we share his work often where it has probably amassed over 100,000 likes on Urban-Muse over time. We have to owe alot of Urban-Muse’s recent growth to the great works of this amazing artist.

Jeremy Mann

Jeremy Mann (We nearly selected this as piece of the year)

Jonathan Ahn

Josef Kote

Kelsey Beckett – “Grackle”

Photoreal lips by Kim Sung Jin

“Kitchen” by Cyzeal

“Kohaku” by Yaphleen

Lente Scura, Lente Scura has submitted work to Urban-Muse.com and each time we are impressed with his artistic and painterly photo manipulations, this was our favorite of the year.

Tetsuya Mishima (三嶋 哲也) Painting his Model Moira

Lin Ran, we selected one of Lin Rans pieces for the best of 2012 and were not dissapointed with his great work in 2013

“Lisa Marie Pinup” by Jeremy Leach

“Liz” by Ileana Hunter

Marco Guaglione, Marco is an insanely talented artist, his work is 99% erotic in nature and most of it can’t even be shared on facebook, but we found that these close up process shots worked great for illustrating how great of an artist the man really is.

Mario Wibisono

Matt Doust.
This is very sad for us because this year in 2013 we lost Matt Doust just before his big US Debut at Thinkspace LA.
RIP MATT DOUST 1984-2013

“Mindless” by Plus Nine

“Missing Soul” by Lin Ran

Morgan Davidson – “Fall Girl”

Morgan is a student at RISD and has consistently delivered some the most technically adept colored pencil pieces we’ve ever seen. We’ve posted lots of her work netting her over 10,000 likes but this was our favorite of hers this year.

Mu Lin from Da Lian China

We used this beautiful piece as our profile photo on the page for about a month. The photo reference is of Elle Fanning.

Jennifer Healy – “Nastya Kusakina”

However we did not pick it as piece of the year.

Natalie Rak Mural  in Poland


“Oracle Sleep” bny Rafa Insane

“Orange Geisha” by Bonsai Mecha Girl

Pascal Campion Art

“Pearl” by Bao Pham

Portrait by Crow-God
We used this image as our default photo for most of December.

Proto UDK2 by Paooo

“Renaissance” by Nicolas Senegas

Renee Chio

Moleskin Sketchbook of Rodrigo Luff

Rosanna Jones did these awesome paints over her photography for a really unique look, we posted many of them netting her over 10,000 likes on our page.

Sarah Bochaton Illustration
We used this image as our default image for a long time, and it was even one of our most liked images in our history.

“Senorita” by NinjaTic

SNNN is a mysterious Japanese artist who very little is known about. We post SNNN nearly daily because their work consistently gets over 1,000 likes on nearly every post, and we’ve probably gotten 100,000 likes for SNNN on Urban-Muse this year.



Snow by Fernanda Suarez

“Snow White” by Vincent Cacciotti

Soey Milk is one our favorite artists, and this is one of her best sketches of the year, which she said she drew in bed. Because of Facebook’s nudity policies we did not post it on Facebook, but did on Tumblr, so here it is in all it’s glory, one of the best pieces of 2013.

Soufiane Idrassi

Street Scene by Art by Theo

“Sugar” by Phil Noto

“Technobeetle” Work in Progress Shots by Miles Johnston.
Miles is one of our favorite artists and we actually only posted the head closeup shot on Urban-Muse and never posted the rest of it because of Facebook’s Nudity POlicies. So here it is!

Jeff Langevin

Aaron Jasinski

The Greatest Man on Earth by Sam Spratt
(Bill Murray Duh!)

The Sensation of Drowning by Cassie Tyler

Thom Yorke by Evgeny Parfenov

Tom Bagshaw Discarded Memory

Tristan Eaton at work on Mural

“Venus Incarnate” by Silly Jelly
Done in Gouache!

Amazing Collaboration piece by Brian M. Viveros and Dan Quintana!!!

Zooey Deschanel by Aedrian

And our second pick for BEST OF 2013

Wojtek Fus’s portrait of his girfiend Agatha
Wojtek Fus has been a friend of Urban-Muse for a long time now even submitting work to the page. Earlier this year he did this amazing portrait of his girlfriend Agatha and it’s arguably his best work yet, we immediately posted it up where it got many thousands of likes. But we were really pleasantly surprised to see his work organically go viral all over the internet, all over tumblr, pinterest, imgur, Reddit and even KOTAKU a video game site! It got many hundreds of thousands of likes, and was definitely very impressive to watch. We are very happy for our Polish friend Wojtek fus, and for his girlfriend. The name of this site is Urban-Muse.com and Wojtek surely seems to have found his muse. This is what we’re all about.

Urban-Muse.com is curated and owned by Curt Anderson


Curt Anderson Editor In Chief

Curt Anderson founded Urban-Muse in 2007, and runs the show.

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