Imguss – Feature 5 of 20 – Urban-Muse Magazine #1 Imguss – Feature 5 of 20 – Urban-Muse Magazine #1
What you are about to read is an excerpt of Urban-Muse Magazine Issue #1, currently available as part of $5 pledge on Over... Imguss – Feature 5 of 20 – Urban-Muse Magazine #1

What you are about to read is an excerpt of Urban-Muse Magazine Issue #1, currently available as part of $5 pledge on Over the next 2 months we will gradually be releasing all 20 interviews on the blog. If you want to read all the features, see the specific layouts/images chosen, read additional articles that will not be on the blog, view the images in High Res Lossless Quality, and support the project ensuring future issues can be made. Please consider supporting the Urban-Muse Magazine Patreon here:


Imguss (real name Sarut Sathitpiyarat) is one of the hottest artists on Urban-Muse right now. His work consistently gets some of the highest responses of any artist we post. He often chooses imagery based on recent hot movies, and games. He has done pieces on The Last of Us, Logan, Nier Automata, and many more personal creations based on some of the most gorgeous fashion models in their business.

Imguss is a polite man of few words and generally provides short answers to questions and generally prefers to let his art do the talking. Another thing that is really interesting about Imguss is he loves to livestream his paintings quite frequently, which is a great tool for artists trying to learn more about digital art or even just Photoshop in general. He also takes time to answer questions throughout. Even though the most common is “What Program is that?” and of course he answers “Photoshop.”

Every year Urban-Muse does a “Best of” end of the year feature, and when looking through the thousands of wonderful art pieces that had been shared on Urban-Muse in 2016 we decided that Imguss’s NieR Automata piece largely demonstrated what Urban-Muse was all about at that point in time. Coincidentally in 2017 with the games release the amount of fan art for NieR Automata has skyrocketed so when Imguss painted 2B it was still rather unknown, in fact the first time you ever saw the Nier 2B fanart phenomena might have even been on Urban-Muse because we had been sharing art from it immediately after it was announced and the official concept art was released. Imguss is on a cutting edge path and continues to amaze us with every new breathtaking piece of art he creates!

INTERVIEW: Sarut Sathitpiyarat is your real name, can you tell us about your artist name Imguss Sith what does it mean? Does it have to do with Star Wars?

Imguss: Actually, Imguss is my pen-name. Sith is from my surname “Sathitpiyarat” which I shortened it into “Sith”. It has nothing to do with Star Wars at all. 🙂 You live in Bangkok Thailand, what can you tell us about being an artist in Thailand?

Imguss: It is not easy to be an artist in Thailand because our country still looks down on our profession as they think it is an unimportant job and should not be promoted. That is why I should appropriately improving my work’s quality so that I can get a job from other countries. Which of your pieces is your favorite?

Imguss: No.2  (below) Last year Urban-Muse selected your NieR Automata piece as the cover of our Best Of 2016 year end Special.

What can you tell us about that piece that we might not know? What do you think of NieR Automata?

Imguss: Since the first trailer I have been following this game as their character design and gameplay is really fascinated me. So I decided to work on this piece. Moreover, I really like hack n’slash genres games like Devil May Cry franchise. What is your creative process like? What tools do you use?

Imguss: My creative process is stemmed from the scenery around me like people walking around, bird chirping, and clouds moving through the sky. Then I start to draw from these inspirations. For tools, I used only Adobe Photoshop. What do you do when you get  haters People who just want to be negative? How do you deal with them? What would be your advice for our readers?

Imguss: I think that people have different opinion, not all people appreciate your works. If someone start negative comments on your page, you should ignore and overlook them. Do not focus on it as it will deteriorate your confidence. How important has social media been to your art? Which one has been the most influential.

Imguss: Social media is very important for me as it helps to spread my works extensively. Of cause, Urban-Muse is one of the most influential social media for me and also Artstation. How did you learn to paint?

Imguss: I am self-taught 🙂 Any plans for the future? In your personal Life, Artistic life, or beyond?

Imguss: I want to improve my skills further and expand my variety of works so that more people can access it. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to Urban-Muse and it’s readers!

Imguss: Thank you very much for this interview, I hope that my answer can motivate everyone who read this.

You can follow Imguss’ work here:

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