Ryan Tien – Feature 11 of 20 – Urban-Muse Magazine #1 Ryan Tien – Feature 11 of 20 – Urban-Muse Magazine #1
  What you are about to read is an excerpt of Urban-Muse Magazine Issue #1, currently available as part of $5 pledge on Patreon.com.... Ryan Tien – Feature 11 of 20 – Urban-Muse Magazine #1


What you are about to read is an excerpt of Urban-Muse Magazine Issue #1, currently available as part of $5 pledge on Patreon.com. Over the next month we will gradually be releasing all 20 interviews on the blog. If you want to read all the features, see the specific layouts/images chosen, read additional articles that will not be on the blog, view the images in High Res Lossless Quality, and support the project ensuring future issues can be made. Please consider supporting the Urban-Muse Magazine Patreon here:




Ryan Tien’s art work is seductive, alluring, cute,bright and colorful. Ryan Tien creates incredibly detailed CG works that express his idea of feminine beauty, he says he is always looking to refine the ideal female face. Some of Ryan’s work can get pretty risqué, so much so that I’ve often had to hesitate before reposting it on Urban-Muse.

Even though his work is sexy and captivating he is really good at treading the line between a cute cheesecake pinup and something that could be something considered slightly too suggestive . Ryan’s girls all seem rather wholesome, they all have cute little outfits, big smiles, and elegantly rendered poses.

Ryan is one of Urban-Muse’s favorite artists because you can never be sure exactly what to expect from him, a happy go lucky beach scene, a school girl getting into mischief, or maybe some fanart from the latest and greatest Anime/Game/Movie. One thing that’s pretty unique about Ryan is his work really doesn’t resemble anyone else’s, he’s successfully created his very own iconic style, this is one of the trickiest things for artists to do, and Ryan seems to have done it fairly effortlessly.

He clearly works hard on these pieces because if you look at the technical skill involved to create them it could be rather daunting, but Ryan handles it just like the girls in his pieces, with positivity and a cheerful attitude. We’re excited to see what adventures Ryan takes us on next.

Urban-Muse.com: You’re a Taiwanese artist, what can you tell us about being an artist in Taiwan that the Urban-Muse readers might not know?

Ryan Tien: I think artists everywhere face similar situations.  People around you think you are going to end up being a homeless, and your parents will do whatever they can to change your mind.  Even after you achieve financial stability, they don’t have ideas about what digital art is and what exactly you are doing.  

Urban-Muse.com: What inspires you to create these images?

Ryan Tien: I love doing art and I like pretty faces.  It’s just that simple.

Urban-Muse.com: Would you say you have a muse, most of these girls have kind of a similar face, do they resemble anyone in particular or maybe perhaps just an ideal in your head?

Ryan Tien: It’s my ideal of feminine beauty.  Many of them look similar because I like those facial features the most – flat eyebrows, slanted eyes,  a narrow face and a small head, just to name a few.  I should have mixed up things more for the sake of varieties, but the temptation to create the perfect face is too difficult to resist.  

Urban-Muse.com: What would be your advice to someone who wants to improve their own artwork?

Ryan Tien: Be persistent and learn the fundamentals.  You need to put a lot of hours into practicing.  There’s no way around it. And you need good knowledge to train not only hard but also smart.  The biggest blunder I ever made in my art career is not learning proper perspective earlier enough.  A solid understanding of perspective can solve you a lot of headaches.  

And don’t forget to master your tools.  This is especially true if you are using Photoshop.  It has so many powerful features that will make your life much easier.   You can find plenty of useful Photoshop videos on Youtube.

Urban-Muse.com: What do you do when you encounter someone who is really negative online? How do you deal with them? What would be your advice to our readers on how to deal with these types of people?

Ryan Tien: Most of my online experience has been quite positive.  In a few cases when things were not so pleasant, I just ignored the other parties.  I would rather not waste time on petty arguments.

Urban-Muse.com: Of all your pieces of art which would you say is your favorite?

Ryan Tien: I don’t have any.  I have problems looking at my own finished pieces.  They look wonderful to me when they are just done.  But in a few weeks, I start to see faults and it makes me feel painful to look at them.  I regularly delete some of my old work from my online galleries for this very reason.  If it’s not because I need something to show, I’ll probably remove everything.

Urban-Muse.com: Which has been the most popular?

Ryan Tien: In general, fanart pieces.  Telekinesis Sisters from One Punch Man, Mei from Overwatch, and 2B from Nier.  

Back in the days when Craig Mullins were still posting in Sijun forums, very few serious artists were doing fanart.  But in the age of social media, things are obviously quite different.  

Urban-Muse.com: What are you plans for the future?

Ryan Tien: My plan is to become a better artist.  If I’m not doing art, I’m learning art.  This has been my way of life for the past few years, and I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon.  

Urban-Muse.com: Thanks so much for being a part of this Ryan.

Ryan Tien: It’s my pleasure!

You can follow Ryan’s work here:




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