Julia Razumova – Cover Feature – Urban-Muse Magazine #3 Julia Razumova – Cover Feature – Urban-Muse Magazine #3
  What you are about to read is an excerpt of Urban-Muse Magazine Issue #3, currently available as part of $5 pledge on Patreon.com.... Julia Razumova – Cover Feature – Urban-Muse Magazine #3


What you are about to read is an excerpt of Urban-Muse Magazine Issue #3, currently available as part of $5 pledge on Patreon.com. Over the course of the next few weeks we will release all 5  interviews on the blog. Work on Issue #4 and a new set of artist features is already in progress. When you pledge on Patreon you will be sent a download link for Issue #1 of the magazine, as well as #2, and of course issue #3. Your name will be featured in the Patreon backers page of the next issue and you can even include a link of your own choosing.  If you want to read all the features, see the specific layouts/images chosen, read additional articles that will not be on the blog, view the images in High Res Lossless Quality, and support the project ensuring future issues can be made. Please consider supporting the Urban-Muse Magazine Patreon here:





This issue’s cover features Julia Razumova. I really feel like Julia is the next big thing. Julia is a talented and hardworking Russian artist with a flair for pop culture and female beauty. Julia is painting at the highest level for artists creating digital artists today. Julia is #blessed with insane art talent, but her talent did not come without hard work. A little over a year ago Julia had something of an epiphany, and she decided she was going to attack this art thing, full force. She challenged herself to draw and paint as much as she could over 365 days to see how much she could help her skills to improve. And boy did she. The difference in her art today from just over a year ago is dramatic. Not only is Julia great, the way she does her art is actually insanely difficult. She paints in grayscale then uses color balance to bring skin tones out of the grayscale. This has it’s route in a renaissance era painting technique called “grisaille” where the artist would paint in grey hues then use a series of washes to bring the color gradually up. Artists like Imguss Sith are also known for using this technique as well as many others. This is an inspirational tale of the power of hard work and not giving up on Art. Julia exemplifies all these great qualities and creates heartbreakingly beautiful imagery. When Urban-Muse places an artist on our cover, that is us giving that artist the absolute highest recommendation we possibly can. Julia is next up, another year from now expect to see even more from her and her to possibly be one of the biggest artists around.



Urban-Muse.com Introductory Statement: It’s a pleasure to be talking to you Julia! You are one of the biggest artists on Urban-Muse right now. Your work is at an exceptionally high level. You are prolific, you have hundreds of amazing pieces. And you are successfully taking on many portrait commissions. Your paintings have a unique “sheen” and feel that all your own. Your subjects vary from yourself, to commissions, famous models/actors/actresses, and even some pop culture references. Urban-Muse loves to highlight the best and brightest new artists out there, and you are one of the best. A true honor to feature you on this issue’s cover.


Urban-Muse.com: Julia you’re a Russian Artist. Urban-Muse Magazine is developing a long history of featuring Russian artists, you are the third so far.  (Aleksei Vinogradov and Diana Novich are the others) According to your social media you’re located in Cheboksary, Russia.  What can you tell our readers about what it’s like to be a artist living in Russia?

Julia Razumova: As for Russia, it’s difficult to say anything, but I can talk about the attitude to art in my city forever. Here I am not perceived as a person who is engaged in business. Rather nonsense.


Urban-Muse.com: According to Facebook you studied at ОАНО СПК “Академия.” What did you study? Did you learn to paint there or are you self taught?

Julia Razumova: Yes, I learned to draw. But I’ll tell you honestly, they did not teach me anything, haha.


Urban-Muse.com: You do a lot of commissions and seem happy to take on new clients. Can you tell us about this part of your life/work? Do you enjoy it? Has there been one commission you really liked?

Julia Razumova: I take orders now, and there are a lot of them. Finally, clients come to me not only from Russia. Celebrities also often turn to me.


Urban-Muse.com: As I was putting together this feature I looked at all your work available online, it seems like the quality and skill in you work has really exploded over the past year. You seem to be very busy so you’re getting lots of practice, but is there anything else that has contributed to this rise in quality?

Julia Razumova: I decided that it was time to act, to do something with my desire to draw, so now I paint every day on the drawing (and sometimes more), this is some kind of challenge, designed for 365 days.


Urban-Muse.com: You’re on many social networks including the Russian site VK. Which has been the most important to you for building a following and showcasing your art?

Julia Razumova: I posted my picture RUBY ROSE! I still rejoice when I remember this. While for me this is the highest praise, maybe because I really love her. (Ed Note: Ruby Rose reblogged one of her pieces)


Urban-Muse.com: One of your pieces I really liked was “Max” from “Life is Strange.” You even cosplayed her! So many of our favorite pieces on Urban-Muse have been artists who have been inspired by that game. Can you tell us why it personally resonated with you?

Julia Razumova:  This game has caused me a lot of emotions, from the plot to the smallest elements in the drawing of characters and the whole atmosphere. I like to be there, in Arcadia Bay, in Max’s hostel, in a cozy cafe. There everything is done so with love, that even now I have tears in my eyes, and I’m waiting for the release of the second part, which is already very soon! (Editors Note: Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is out now.)


Urban-Muse.com:  Lets talk about your online name “Bluesssatan.” What does it mean? The “Satan” part is fairly obvious, but why blue? Why sss?

Julia Razumova: That’s a good question. But I can never answer it. I do not know why I once called myself so, but now I do not want to change my nickname, because he became recognized and marked on many resources.


Urban-Muse.com: Do you have a favorite piece of yours?

Julia Razumova:  I love everything, but I do not like it for a while.


Urban-Muse.com: It seems like you primarily use a Wacom and an iPad/Apple Pen. What sizes/models? Which do you prefer? The results seem to both be good, the iPad is of course portable though.

Julia Razumova: Yes, I purchased ipad pro 12.9 very recently, and I do not like it much, because I’m very used to drawing in Photoshop on a computer where there are all the functions I need. I still believe in a miracle and I’m waiting for a full-fledged photoshop to be released on the ipad.


Urban-Muse.com: This is a common question, but we like to ask it anyways. Is there any specific brushes or plugins you use that you can recommend?

Julia Razumova:  I like some non-standard brushes in Photoshop. I also need the ability to mask the layer, an archival brush, which is not in many programs.


Urban-Muse.com: Elle Fanning seems to be a frequent subject of yours, would you say she is one of your “Muse’s?”

Julia Razumova:  Yes, her appearance is very close to the style of my paintings.


(Ed. Note: Elle Fanning herself liked this painting (below) on Julia’s insta)

Urban-Muse.com: Have you ever had a piece that you really had a hard time with? What did you do?

Julia Razumova: I used to be a very depressed person, but over the past year I almost completely rebuilt my thinking into a positive one. It’s difficult, but it brings success, no doubt. It remains only to find friends 🙂


Urban-Muse.com: How do you find time to balance out your personal life time and make time for art?

Julia Razumova:  Just recently I thought that if I were a guy, then there would be much more time, I would not need to look after my appearance so often, there would not be such frequent mood swings. I need more time!


Urban-Muse.com: What would be your advice to artists who just want to make their work better, possibly at your skill level?

Julia Razumova: Just understand, no one is better and no one is worse. Set goals, set deadlines, visualize, it all depends on you.


Urban-Muse.com: This is a serious question, so I’m sorry in advance. In this issue I am going to tackle a very serious subject that seems to be quite common in the Artist community. Depression. Personally I suffer from it and am trying to work through it, and I’m going to write about it to hopefully help some people out there who might be having a hard time. Have you ever experienced depression? How did it affect your work? Were you able to overcome it? Do you possibly have advice for other artists on how to deal with this?

Julia Razumova: Yes, as I wrote earlier, I was a very depressed person. Once I came across auto-training, and then my life began to change dramatically. I do not like to talk about this, because not everyone can adequately assess such trainings, but they helped me a lot.


Urban-Muse.com: Sometimes an artist will feel really down and feel like they want to give up art all together. Have you ever felt like that? What would be your advice to someone who might be feeling like this?

Julia Razumova: Of course I know this, I almost went to work as a waiter (or someone else, not related to painting). You just have to endure this moment. Find a person who can support.


Urban-Muse.com: If you could talk to a younger version of yourself knowing everything you know now, and all that you have learned.  What would you tell her?

Julia Razumova:  Julia, do not go to work in the office, sit at home and draw, watch the tutorials, pump out! And do not eat chips.


Urban-Muse.com: You are an artist who is really at the top of her game, where do you see yourself going in the future? Where do you think/hope art will take you?

Julia Razumova:  I can not look into the future, but I feel that everything will be very cool.


Urban-Muse.com: As technology grows at an alarming rate the art scene has seen many huge revolutions, such as Tablets, and even now VR. What do you see the future of art looking like?

Julia Razumova:  I think, soon you will not even have to get up from the couch and pick up some device, it’s just that our brain will draw what it sees. And this is not miracles.


Urban-Muse.com: What has been the most difficult thing about being an artist?

Julia Razumova:  Master programs. It is still difficult. Well, in general, the understanding of color, shape – it’s hard for me (for now).


Urban-Muse.com: What has been the most rewarding thing about being an artist?

Julia Razumova: My young man helped me, he gave me a tablet. With this began my digital career.


Urban-Muse.com: Thank you so much Julia for being a part of this. You rule!

Julia Razumova: Thank you, I was interested. Success and prosperity to you!



You can follow Julia’s work here:













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