Advertising on Urban-Muse


Would you like to reach a larger audience with your brand or your own personal art?

Advertising with Urban-Muse is the best way to do that. By spending a small fee with Urban-Muse we are confident you can achieve high page views, higher sales conversion, more likes, and higher overall engagement than if you were to advertise with Facebook, or a well known art magazine.

With 600,000 to 1.2 Million views PER WEEK, the Urban-Muse Facebook page is one of the premiere destinations for people to view amazing artwork anywhere on the Internet. On most weeks Urban-Muse has higher user engagement, actual likes, shares and comments than Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine…COMBINED. (PROOF) CLICK!

So are you interested in advertising with the Muse?

Contact us here: (Link not in text to avoid spam bots)

Advertising Inquries Contact Information

We are also going to be offering advertising/promotional options/rewards through our Patreon page here:

Ideally Urban-Muse wants to run ads and promotions for Artists, and other art related businesses. However if your business is larger and possibly not 100% art related, wants to promote itself using the Urban-Muse platform please contact us directly.

Fees are charged monthly with a recurring Paypal payment, on a sliding scale meaning individual artists will always have to pay the least. If a company like say General Motors wanted to sponsor Urban-Muse they would pay considerably more.

The current pricing Model is as follows:

Quarter sized side Advertising Spot: $50 a month.

Includes 1 Facebook Post, 1 Tumblr Post, 1 Instagram Post, and 1 Tweet.

Quarter Sized Side Ad Preview


Full Sized Top Page Banner: $100 a month.
Includes 2 Facebook Posts, 2 Tumblr Posts, 2 Instagram Posts, and 2 Tweets.

Preview: (Slightly Shrunk to fit the format of this page, the actual ad is what you see at the top of every Urban-Muse webpage)Top Page Banner Preview


Combo Package with 1 Quarter Sized ad AND a full sized top banner: $125 (BEST DEAL)
Includes 4 Facebook Posts, 4 Tumblr Posts, 4 Instagram Posts, and 4 Tweets.

Quarter Sized Side Ad Preview

Top Page Banner Preview


Because Ad Blocking is a necessary evil on the internet Urban-Muse will work tirelessly to work with Ad Blockers to make them un obtrusive and hopefully avoid many ad block programs. This is why the included Social Media Posts are so important though, because those will achieve massive views on their own and cannot be blocked.
A typical Urban-Muse post gets anywhere from 10,000 to 200,000 page views.

The Urban-Muse Facebook page gets around 150,000 views per day. And the Urban-Muse website gets anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 views a day. This means your targeted Art Loving audience is going to get a great look at what you have to offer.

Urban-Muse has been around for nearly 10 years and has existed 100% ad free (excluding our own store ads) until this point, but by accepting ads Urban-Muse hope to grow to new heights. Increased funding will help Urban-Muse to pay for new equipment like video camera rigs to record art shows via Steadicam in glorious Cinema quality 4k, monthly server costs, SSL encryption certificates, high end firewalls/security, new salaried writers to bring more great Urban-Muse features to you daily, a Monthly digital Magazine, and yearly hardcover book.

Urban-Muse will strive to keep the quality you have come to expect from Urban-Muse at the highest possible level and will NOT accept every advertising offer. If a certain advertiser or even artist does not fit with the Urban-Muse code of conduct and vision we will reject their advertising bid.

If you feel like Urban-Muse might be the place for you to get your message out. Please do not hesitate to contact me, and I’m sure we can work something out so Urban-Muse can help you reach your goals.


Curt Anderson
President and Founder